3.3 L Rectangular Casserole w/Lid, White

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Protected by a colourful, hard-wearing layer of enamel that resists damage from heat and utensils, Le Creuset's light yet durable Stoneware is ideal for baking pies, quiche, casseroles and more. Its smooth interior glaze and even-heating design help foods cook more uniformly than traditional bakeware. With an interchangeable lid that also fits the 3 L Stoneware Rectangular Dish, the Rectangular Casserole features deep, straight sidewalls that make it easy to evenly slice portions of dishes like lasagna, or prepare a roast on a layer of vegetables. CAPACITY: 3.3 L LENGTH: 38.2 CM HEIGHT: 13.4 CM WIDTH: 24.3 CM CLEANING: DISHWASHER-SAFE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: CHINA HEAT SOURCE: BROILER, OVEN MATERIAL: STONEWARE PIECE COUNT: 2
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